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We stock 500g and 1kg bags of many of our popular fruit and nut products - perfect for catering and ingredients!

Zeina Pitted Deglet Nour Dates / 800g

Zeina Pistachio Butter / 1kg

Zeina Cashew Butter / 1kg

Zeina Almond Butter / 1kg

Zeina Blanched Hazelnuts / 1kg

Zeina Premium Persian Saffron / 1g

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These airy and moist lemon chia muffins will have you coming for thirds! The perfect and easy recipe for breakfast or dessert to satisfy your sweet tooth. Followed the trend of buying…

pistachio iced whipped coffee

Who remembers the whipped coffee craze that swept the nation during the first lockdown in March 2020? We’ve been feeling nostalgic at Zeina HQ recently, and have recreated this iconic drink with…

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