We can also supply our products to trade!

We are able to create a range of products for trade , as we have an experienced NPD team who are committed to ensuring the highest level of quality and customer satisfaction!

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us either by phone: 01924 280180, or using our Contact Form!

Our capabilities include...


We can roast all types of tree nuts, to the texture/moisture required by you!

Roasting and Salting

We roast and salt an average of 40 tonnes of pistachios a week, so you could say we are experts!


We work closely with our seasoning and flavouring suppliers to create a wide range of flavoured nuts, including Chilli, BBQ and Honey. We are able to flavour pistachios using a liquid flavouring – similar to the way that they are salted.

We are able to flavour with both flavouring liquids and powder seasonings to create the desired taste experience.

Laser Sorting

We invested in our TOMRA laser sorting machine in 2016, which has enabled us to improve overall product quality on raw material. We can clean any tree nuts so that they are free from mould, infestation and foreign material.


We have 8 caramelising pans in our factory, and can caramelise all tree nuts.

We are able to create flavoured caramelised nuts too! E.g. adding syrup, salt, spices, and different seasonings.


Our latest innovation comes from pasting, we are working on different textures when pasting different nuts, and adding flavour to these too, including syrups, spices, salt and oil.