here at Zeina we’re always making new recipes, so today we thought it would be a good idea to do a round up of our 10 favourite recipes on the blog. we’ve made everything from BBQ sauce to easter cake, and below are some of our absolute faves to inspire you!

click the links on the pictures to be taken directly to the recipes

10. Halloween maple & pecan pumpkin pies

we love creating seasonal recipes, and these little pumpkin pies are just too cute to not include in our top 10! they’re also super quick and easy to make if you buy ready made pastry


9. almond and rosemary loaf

bonus points as this loaf is gluten free! almond flour is such a great gluten free alternative to flour in baking, as it keeps everything moist and not too dense


8. cashew & cauliflower fritters

these are a great way to get fussy eaters to eat their veggies, and are so versatile! we loved them in wraps with salad for lunch, or even just as a snack (they taste great dipped in humous!)


7. no churn vegan pistachio ice cream

vegan pistachio ice cream green no churn

this recipe is super easy, super yummy and requires hardly any equipment! it’s great if you want to make ice cream but don’t have all the fancy gadgets to do so.


6. Czech snow cake

czech cake english jam snow meringue pistachio nus biscuit base

we couldn’t list our favourite recipes without including our Czech technical assistant’s delicious recipe for traditional Czech snow cake! it’s packed full of delicious nuts as well as a pastry layer, meringue layer and even a layer of jam


5. pecan pie

sweet pastry crust filled with a delicious mixture of egg, butter, sugar and pecans, what’s not to love? We even added some cinnamon and vanilla to enhance the flavour of the pecans, again you can cheat and use shop bought pastry to make the recipe super easy if you’re short on time


4. vegan millionaire shortbread

we love millionaire shortbread, so we made a healthier AND vegan version that tasted just as good as the real thing! it’s a must try, and uses our amazing Deglet Nour dates, which taste just like caramel


3. almond butter falafels

these falafels pack a great amount of plant based protein thanks to the ground almonds, almond butter and chickpeas, and they taste delicious! they’re great for lunch on flatbreads, or even to take in a Tupperware for healthy snacking on the go


2. the gooiest ever brownies

gooey vegan gluten free brownies

I saw a recipe similar to this one on Instagram, and didn’t believe that dates, nut butter and cocoa powder could make anything similar to a brownie, let alone something even gooier and more indulgent tasting, while being packed full of micro nutrients and energy! You need to trust us on this recipe, it might even change your life…


1. feta & walnut vegetarian sausage rolls

vegetarian sausage roll walnut feta meat free monday

just knocking the brownies off the top spot are these amazing vegetarian sausage rolls! although these don’t contain a traditional meat substitute, hardly anyone could tell they were meat free. the feta adds a lovely sharp and salty note, and these were a massive hit in the factory canteen!

don’t forget to click on the picture links to be taken directly to the recipe for each item! we hope you enjoy these recipes as much as we did