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We stock 500g and 1kg bags of many of our popular fruit and nut products - perfect for catering and ingredients!

Zeina Blanched Hazelnuts / 1kg


Zeina Natural Deglet Nour Dates / 250g


Zeina Premium Persian Saffron / 1g


Zeina Dried Apricots / 1Kg


Zeina Dried Figs / 1Kg


Zeina Luxury Fruit and Nuts Mix / 700g


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It’s Halloween again, so why not try to make our pumpkin cake pops? You can even hand them out when trick or treating for a tasty surprise! They’re both cute and yummy,…


To celebrate Vegan week on Bake Off, we’ve made this yummy millionaire’s shortbread. It is super easy to make, and a lot faster than making with the normal caramel filling. Deliciously sticky…

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