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We stock 500g and 1kg bags of many of our popular fruit and nut products - perfect for catering and ingredients!

Zeina Pitted Deglet Nour Dates / 800g

Zeina Pistachio Butter / 1kg

Zeina Cashew Butter / 1kg

Zeina Almond Butter / 1kg

Zeina Blanched Hazelnuts / 1kg

Zeina Premium Persian Saffron / 1g

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The perfect summer refreshing drink whilst increasing your protein intake. This creamy sweet recipe can be made in 5 minutes and dairy free. Made with fresh ingredients and our signature Raw Pistachios….


The perfect balance of fruit and nut, an earthy bite with a sweet tarty flavour, try this delightful recipe and you’ll be baking everyday! Recipe inspired from @cmdcreations on Instagram! Ingredients: 2…


A Nutty Twist on Home cooked Italian pasta that will make you want to eat pasta everyday! Super easy to make and a wonderfully filling meal. Ingredients: Handful fresh basil 125g Ricotta…

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