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We stock 500g and 1kg bags of many of our popular fruit and nut products - perfect for catering and ingredients!

Zeina Blanched Whole Hazelnuts / 1kg


Zeina Natural Deglet Nour Dates / 250g


Zeina Premium Persian Saffron / 1g


Zeina Dried Apricots / 1Kg


Zeina Dried Figs / 1Kg


Zeina Luxury Fruit and Nuts Mix / 700g


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Try making this delicious salad with Zeina almonds. The bright colours of all of the fruit make it an uplifting lunch option, and the almonds provide plenty of energy to power through…

pistachio cupcake pink baking green zeina

These pistachio cupcakes are perfect for a summer picnic complete with strawberry frosting! Quick and easy to make, you’ll be picnic royalty! the pistachios in the cupcake give a great texture, as…

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