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we were inspired by @etihadairways Instagram to create this delicious Batheetha, which is a traditional Emirati dessert made of dates, nuts, and saffron. Perfectly sweet with a rich texture, Batheetha is sure…


it’s national biscuit day, and you know what that means! yep, we’ve got another delicious and nutty recipe for you. this time it’s for salted caramel and pecan biscuits (or cookies if…

gooey vegan gluten free brownies

If we told you that dates are the secret to getting perfectly gooey, sweet brownies every time, you wouldn’t believe me would you?! I saw a recipe similar to this one on…

unicorn easy shortbread cookie biscuit recipe

everyone needs a little bit of unicorn magic in their lives, and we think these sparkly unicorn shortbreads might just hit that spot! We’ve also added pistachios and pistachio butter to make…

nut butter fluffy pancake recipe

it’s pancake day, and that can only mean one thing: eating your body-weight in pancakes and not stopping until you feel sick. Luckily for you, we’ve come up with this recipe to…

green pistachio pesto hummus easy recipe idea

It’s the start of a new year! new year new me, am i right? We’ve got the perfect healthy dip to satisfy your taste-buds while also filling you full of goodness and…

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