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creamy pistachio salad dressing recipe

looking to spruce up your summer salads? well look no further! We’ve created a flavourful creamy pistachio salad dressing using deliciously healthy ingredients such as extra virgin olive oil and fresh basil,…

sesame free hummus

As a proudly peanut and sesame free company, we though it was only right to create a delicious hummus recipe that is free from sesame and peanut! we have used pistachio butter…

pistachio chocolate amaranth bites

Amaranth is a type of pseudo-cereal, which means that while it is not technically a cereal like oats, it does have similar nutritional values and is often used in similar ways. one…


These shortbread biscuits are filled with a buttery date centre and packed with delicious spices. They are a traditional Lebanese shortbread and you can even buy a specific mould to make them…


Nut butter cups are a delicious snack, however they are super easy to over indulge on! This recipe uses 100% almond butter, dates, cacao powder and other delicious ingredients for a nut…


During the festive season, a great way to show loved ones that you care is by taking the time to make homemade presents for them. We’ve come up with a delicious recipe…

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