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pistachio pesto pasta easy recipe farfalle

got the winter blues? this recipe for pistachio pesto pasta is comfort food like no other! it’s warm, hearty and tastes amazing, and also thanks to the pistachios, tomato, garlic and mint,…

chocolate pistachio twist

it’s world nutella day! to celebrate, we’ve made a deliciously easy recipe for chocolate twists using nutella and pistachios for that extra crunch. this recipe is a great way to get children…

pistachio avocado orange cranberry salad cheese healthy veganuary

January is the month of the detox, so why not make yourself this gorgeous pistachio and orange salad to help get you on the way to a healthier 2018. this avocado, pistachio…

pistachio avocado smoothie milkshake green

happy 2018! As January seems to be the season of fresh starts and healthy eating, why not kickstart your morning with a delicious Zeina pistachio smoothie! this smoothis contains lots of protein,…

Torta Caprese pistachio, chocolate and almond cake gold

it’s almost Christmas! Here at Zeina foods we’re big fans of Christmas puddings, but we’ve come up with an alternative Christmas dessert inspired by Gino D’acampo for those of you who have…

fruit scone fat rascal whitby fatties

After Betty’s of Harrogate were in the news recently for ordering a cafe in Whitby to find an alternative name for their fat rascals, we have decided to make our own version,…

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