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autumnal pecan pie bites

autumn is in full swing and the nights are getting colder, is there a more perfect autumnal cosy treat than pecan pie?! well look no further as we’ve made it into bite…

healthy carrot cupcake cake

at Zeina HQ, we’ve been racking our brains to try and make a delicious cupcake recipe that’s a little bit better for you than your average cupcake, and we think we’ve cracked…


it’s almost Halloween! did we mention already? To celebrate, we’ve made a delicious coffee & walnut cake and given it a spooky slimy Halloween twist. you could also do this to any…


wondering what to make with your leftover egg whites? we thought the same after making our chocolate tart recipe, so we devised a delicious pistachio meringue recipe to use them up! ingredients…

chocolate tart salted caramel pecan

Who doesn’t love salted caramel?! and who doesn’t love chocolate?! Well we’ve combined the 2, and added delicious sweet Zeina pecan pieces to make an unbelievably indulgent treat. We know making your…


this recipe was given to us by an Instagram follower who has the most delicious looking vegan recipes! this uses our pistachios and pistachio paste, and is a great healthier alternative…

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